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Re: logresolve

Dan MacNeil wrote:

How do you move the resolved log into the place of the unresolved one without stopping apache for long ?

maybe approximately:

Maarten Vink wrote:
As far as I know, apache will continue writing to a logfile if it's moved to another location on the same filesystem; you can then use "apachectl graceful" to have apache open new logfiles.

Craig Sanders wrote:
yep, that's right.

also, use jdresolve (which is packaged for debian) rather than
logresolve - it is much faster.

>[apt cache show jdresolve snipped]

i rotate, resolve, and process my log files like so:

 [useful script and config file snipped]

Thanks, the HERE document / print to pipe is pretty nifty.

I notice from the comments in the script that you switched from analog to webalizer.

What was your reasoning?

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