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SuexecUserGroup help required in apache2

 After so much of investigation i found that my cgi scripts are not running because of "SuexecUserGroup" and giving the cgi scripts only for that perticular group and user.Because we are an ISP this feature much needed for each users
ex:- SuexecUserGroup test test

I am getting the error message in suexec.log file as below
[2005-10-19 11:32:19]: uid: (10090/test) gid: (10090/10090) cmd: search.cgi
[2005-10-19 11:32:19]: command not in docroot (/home/www/test/htdocs/cgi-bin/search.cgi
I have enabled the suexec using
 a2enmod suexec i think definetely this suexec is taking default document root that is /var/www if i want to change this in debian how to do this.
 I am really thankful to this group all their help.
 Please some one who is having very goot talents in apache2 with suexec
I am running debian 3.1 apache2 perl v5.8.4.
Thank you so much for your help
Best regards

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