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cyrus backup

We're moving to cyrus so we can do all the nifty kolab stuff.

Right now we're studying how to get a good enough backup.

After discarding LVM snapshots and stopping the mail server, Our options seem to be:

A) Do a 'hot' backup while the server is running

B) sync to another cyrus, stop that cyrus and back
   it up.

Option A has the advantage of simplicity, We can reuse our courier backup w/o problem. It has the disadvantage of backing up cyrus Berkley db files in an inconsistent state. --We risk losing some state, particularly the "seen" state of messages.

Option B has the disadvantage of complexity.

We have only about 300 mailboxes but expect to be at 1200 in a year or so.

Does anyone have experience with a full restore of a cyrus server from a hot sloppy backup ?

From our small search-fu, we have a pretty good idea of how to do either option. We're looking for more thought on why.

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