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Re: Multihoming an end user

Chris Wagner wrote:

At 09:15 PM 9/23/05 -0500, Eric Cunnningham wrote:
My understanding was that if the addresses weren't specifically allocated to us straight from ARIN, we couldn't truly multihome.

I don't think it matters who actually gave u the address block.  Once u have
an autonomous system number that block should be independently routable from
anywhere on the internet.  Both of ur ISP's will have to agree to accept ur
routes.  Then it's ur responsibility to get ur router to propagate ur routes
out to them.

I think for me the push for having our own ARIN assigned address block comes from avoiding dependence on the ISP that assigned them to you. If we get a /24 from our primary ISP, and that ISP goes under or we switch providers, we would need to re-IP our network as that block is only sub-delegated to us via the ISP's delegation. For our case, this would be trivial as we have relatively few devices but I didn't realize you can get an ASN without your own IP block.

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