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Re: Multihoming an end user

Dan M. MacNeil wrote:

Also, if as was the case with the OP, ISP1# cuts service off explicitly and deliberately for political reasons, they are also likely to suddenly stop routing.

How would such a cut-off effect the whole ARIN/ASN/BGP/magic-beyond-my-humble-understanding thing?

The OP's inbound traffic would shift to 100% over ISP2. Outbound traffic depends on the routing policy in place at OP's network, and could result in blackholed traffic in some scenarios.

Politically, ISP1 could contact ISP2 and/or its upstreams and request that they stop honoring the announcement, but most ISPs will allow you to announce their address space through another ISP for 90 days after you leave, so this shouldn't be a major risk.


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