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Re: Postfix Trouble2 (slow smtp connection)

Antony Gelberg wrote:
> Andrea Berardi wrote:
>>Hello list,
>>I have just set up 2 mail-servers that act as MX for nearly 400 domains
>>and are used by a restricted group of clients for sending mail to the world
>>The "problem" is that sometimes the smtpd connection is slow (about 3 or
>>4 seconds) to send an email.
>>By the hardware point of view the servers are powerful.
> Don't worry about it?  Why is three or four seconds a problem to send an
> email?
In fact wait for three or four seconds to send an email is not a big
problem, but if the servers are very powerful and often /usr/bin/w tell
me that the load is around 0,02 i wondered why sometimes the smtp
connection is so slow.

Probably, as Adrian Minta suggests, the delay is caused by the DNS lookup.

Thank you.
Andrea Berardi aka Syneus
Linux Registered User #395193

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