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RE: deleting selected/filtered mails in sendmail queue

Hello Henk,

> Stop sendmail, cp -pr /var/spool/mqueue to say, 
> /var/spool/omqueue, start sendmail again and do a couple of 
> queueruns on that queue (be sure you remove the 
> /var/spool/omqueue/.hoststat/ entries).  Dequeue with 
> 'sendmail -oQ/var/spool/omqueue -q -v' and after you're 
> confident that most of the 'normal' e-mail is out grep the 
> qf* files to dig out the .tw entries and throw away those 
> {d,q}f* files. After that dequeue again 'till the queue is 
> empty and you're done.

Sounds quite simple, I had done it that way before... way back :)
I just thought there *must* be a better solution.



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