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Re: remote power switch recommendation

We use APC AP7921 for 230V, eg: 

They only sport eight ports, but what's worth alot, feature current 
measurement displayed on the front and in the web management application. We 
had no problems with them so far. I think we have four of them (and counting) 
Highest overall-current so far was about 10 Amps with all ports used, running 
several P4, Xeon and Opteron (upto quad, one each PDU, using one or two 
outlets and 1 or 2 Y-cables) on them. Also we have four older ones without 
current measurement, also no probs. They had a bug in the firmware though 
where telnet access (if switched on) was possible with a master password.


Am Donnerstag, 15. September 2005 13:27 schrieb mimo:
> I have just started shopping around for a remote power switch for min 8,
> better 12 machines. I would prefer a small unit as space is the one thing I
> dont have. Any recommendations?
> Thanks,
> mimo

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