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Re: memory not seen

> R. W. Rodolico wrote:
>> built a server and shoved 2G of RAM in it (I am trying out xen),
>> but
>> the machine only sees about a gig. Using standard 2.6 kernel. Any
>> idea why? I am looking to see if it is a kernel option after I
>> send
>> this, but it seems I have used stock 2.6 kernels in systems with
>> more memory before.
> You're probably running the -386 kernel instead of -686?
> I noticed the same thing on a new server, the installer picked the
> -386
> kernel and not the -686 as I expected...
> Luc

This was under the stock 2.6 386 kernel from a basic sarge install.
After I made the post, I installed xen on the machine and custom
built the kernel for the Athlon processor in it (took me a while),
and xen looks like it sees all 2G, so I'm assuming it was the i386
kernel. I will go back and put in an Athlon kernel just to make
sure. Thanks a lot.


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