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Re: Windows IPSec/L2TP VPN client and Linux server with RADIUS, and PPP.

Phil Dyer wrote:

I found that I also needed to include this in my ppp options file to get
radius to work.

plugin radattr.so

Thanks Phil.

I added that statement after the 'plugin radius.so' in the
/etc/ppp/options.l2tpd file and restarted freeradius.

It still didn't work, and I still didn't see any MS-CHAP-Challenge and
MS-CHAP2-Response entries in the Access-Request packet that comes in to

I'm starting to think that either the ppp or freeradius Debian
packages don't support mschap even though they appear to.
Is anyone else using these and successfully authenticating users via

Jim Barber
DDI Health

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