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Re: New Procurve

also sprach Rodney Richison <rodney@rcrcomputing.com> [2005.08.30.1457 +0200]:
> In some cases, it makes little to no differance if you have a hub
> or a switch. With a T1 and 5 misc servers running, do you guys
> suggest a procurve hub that I have, or should I get a procurve
> switch? If it makes no differance on this type of traffic, I'll go
> with the hub, however, if it makes any differance at all, I'll get
> the switch. Whaddaya think?

Impossible to answer. Depends on the volume and type of traffic, and
whether the servers talk much amongst themselves.

Is it a 100Mbps hub, or just 10?

Try it with the switch and see for yourself. If you get too many
collisions or a measely rate, consider the switch.

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