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Re: pam userdb auth issue (pam_userdb can't open database) vsftpd Sarge

Hi Grant,

I've been going mad with this problem all morning, but I've found the
solution. It's not really a bug, but it's liable to confuse others and
in my opinion it should atleast have a big warning added to the

You created a login file something like "/etc/vsftpdlogin.db". Then you
added that to your pam file in /etc/pam.d/vsftpd, however what you
should have added was "/etc/vsftpdlogin" because pam adds a ".db" suffix
to the file you specify. So pam was actually trying to find
/etc/vsftpdlogin.db.db, which obviously doesn't exist. Ofcourse all the
time it writes to syslog that it couldn't find "/etc/vsftpdlogin.db". No
wonder we're confused!!


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