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Re: Debian and Plesk 7.5.3/7.5.4 Reloaded


Jason Lim wrote:

Or perhaps do you know of any other CPs that work properly on Debian?
Doesn't have to be free... but would hopefully be fully supported.

Any ideas?

I'm developing Domain Technologie Control (dtc) under Debian since 3 years now, and we are now at least 3 (independent) active coders working on the project. It's becoming full of good options, and I don't fear the comparison with Plesk. What's best: it's all in GPL, and Sarge is fully supported (this is our main dev platform). See technical details about the projects and URL at the end of this message. We would be glad of having some help and contributions.


   Thomas Goirand, GPLHost Manager
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Debian users : THIS PROJECT IS STILL WAITING FOR A SPONSOR TO BE UPLOADED (even I had good help from one guy of the Debian team (many thanks to him), he didn't upload even to experimental and I have no news from him).

Here is project page:


The dev team, and especially Damien Mascord, has put a lot of effort in being Debian compliant, and I can say that it's really close to all guidelines what was possible to follow (only maybe, generated config files should be written into /var, but that was too difficult to do it for many reasons, including compatibility between other Unix).

There is a source package available (even if it's all sh and php, it's needed for uploading):


Please, when possible, use the CVS for the release 17.0-4 (links in project page).

Binary stable package:


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