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Re: multiples certificates on a single server

Arnau schrieb:
>    I have a doubt about how to host multiple ssl-enabled domains on a
> single server with a single IP. I know that from a TCP point of view,
> for each certificate it's necessary to have an IP due to how the
> connection is stablished. Is it any way to have multiple certificates on
> a single server and a single IP? Maybe using private IPs? Any
> documentation where this issue is explained?

AFAIK it wasn't possible to use virtual hosts for SSL because the SSL
handshake took place before the host header was sent - at least that
wasn't possible until July 2005...

Right now there are some SSL providers (at lesat I've seen them from
Comodo) which offer so known "Multi Domain SSL Certificates", as
explained e.g. here:


The only real disadvantage seems to be that some of the real old
browsers may throw a certificate error with these, so if you want to
serve these old browsers as well, I think it's a no-go. And the second
question may be the price of these babies, I believe they won't be cheap...

By the way: If you're just searching for some wildcard Certificates (so
the last parts of the host name are always the same, e.g.
"host1.blah.com", "host2.blah.com" and "justanotherhostname.blah.com"),
you can simply use wild card certificates ("*.blah.com"). These are
cheaper and from my own experience I can tell you that these are working
flawless - at least the company I'm working for didn't get any
complaints about the ones used on our high traffic websites.


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