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Re: multiples certificates on a single server

Arnau wrote:
>    I have a doubt about how to host multiple ssl-enabled domains on a
> single server with a single IP. I know that from a TCP point of view,
> for each certificate it's necessary to have an IP due to how the
> connection is stablished. Is it any way to have multiple certificates
> on a single server and a single IP?

The only way to provide this is using multiple ports.

(Different services on different ports work just fine with a single IP
and multiple certs;  I assume you really want multiple HTTPS hosts on
the standard HTTPS port on a single IP.)

> Maybe using private IPs? Any
> documentation where this issue is explained?

The best explanation I've seen is in the Apache/mod_ssl documentation:

If you're willing to live with "strange" HTTPS ports (I would NOT
recommend this!!) you can set up Apache to listen on additional ports,
and accept HTTPS connections there with different certs for each port.

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