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Re: multiples certificates on a single server

Hi Arnau,

Am Donnerstag, den 25.08.2005, 21:54 +0200 schrieb Arnau:
>    I have a doubt about how to host multiple ssl-enabled domains on a 
> single server with a single IP. I know that from a TCP point of view, 
> for each certificate it's necessary to have an IP due to how the 
> connection is stablished. Is it any way to have multiple certificates on 
> a single server and a single IP? Maybe using private IPs? Any 
> documentation where this issue is explained?

the best you can try is to set multiple common names or wildcards. As
long as you're bound to use the 443 (for https) or 25 (for smtp-tls),
there's no way which virtual host the clients seeks to find before the
handshake is complete. Thus https://your.ip/ always finds the one
certificate you have there, if that's only one unique common name, then
you need another IP for the next certificate to be available as

Best regards,

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