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Re: resuming dropped ssh connections

--On August 12, 2005 11:57:25 AM -0700 "Shannon R." <shannon_mtbikes@yahoo.com> wrote:

good day everyone!

i do most of my work thru a ssh connection to a remote
debian server. i've been having connection problems
lately though and would get disconnected almost every
hour or two.

is it possible to resume dropped ssh connections as if
i was never disconnected? im using putty as ssh client
on a windows machine.

No because your address will ususally change or the debian machine will realise you're gone and shut down the session for you.

What you can do is install and use a utility called 'screen' -- apt-get install screen ; man screen

you'll have to make sure 'autodetach on' is inside of your ~/.screenrc (not sure if autodetach is the default) but screen basically 'wraps' your session and allows you to disconnect (detach), while it keeps the sessions open. it's also a primitive text-based windowing environment.

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