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Re: Cyrus mailbox restore


## Hans du Plooy (hansdp-lists@sagacit.com):

> I'm obviously doing this wrongly.  What is the correct way to restore a
> cyrus mailbox?

Assuming you are using a somewhat recent version of cyrus-imapd
(I did this with cyrus-imapd 2.2, but 2.1 should work as well):
First create the user to be restored (cyradm cm or however you
like), then reload the mailbox. Be sure to get the permissions
and ownership right. Then run "reconstruct" (not from cyradm,
the seperatly installed one works better (at least for me)):

reconstruct [-C imapd.conf] -rf user.<userid>[@<domain>]
reconstruct [-C imapd.conf] -rf user.<userid>.*[@<domain>]

specifying the correct imapd.conf if needed.
Obviously, replace <userid> (and <domain> if using cyrus-imapd 2.2
with virtual domains) as needed.
After that, set the IMAP quota with cyradm and run "quota -f"
(quota from the cyrus-imapd installation). Your mailbox
subscriptions are lost and all your messages will be marked
as unseen.

This is the procedure we use at work and should "just do the
trick", but be careful and don't delete your backups too early...


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