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mysql snapshot


i am about to set up some kind of mysql "cluster" which basically consists
of one master and 2 or more slaves. the problem is of course: what to do
when the master dies? ok, i can pick a new master and issue
"CHANGE MASTER TO ..." on the other slaves.

but "CHANGE MASTER TO" takes the "recorded_log_position" as an argument
and so i'd have to issue SHOW MASTER STATUS on the (LOCK'ed) server first.
but all this should be done in a script and when i issue the READ LOCK or
"SHOW MASTER STATUS" on the server (mysql -h server...) the server is
unlocked again, when "mysql -h server ..." returns. all the howtos out
there assume that i do "mysql backups" with 2 interactive shells: issue
READ LOCK on the server, keep the mysql client connected - then take the
snapshot, CHANGE MASTER TO... - then UNLOCK the server.

how do i take snapshots / issue CHANGE MASTER TO on a client, while the
master is still LOCK'ed?

thank you for your comments,
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