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Re: mysql & idle connections

Hello Chris,

  But wouldn't these keepalive messages also reset the Time field from
  SHOW PROCESSLIST? Or mysqld does use other info for considering idle

  But thanks for the idea with sniffer, I'll try it...

Thursday, August 4, 2005, 18:19:15, Chris Wagner wrote:

CW> It could be that the processes are sending keep alive messages or some other
CW> chatter that is constantly resetting the timeout period.  I would check it
CW> out my sniffing the connection on one of them to see what traffic if any is
CW> actually being exchanged.

CW> At 07:05 PM 8/3/05 +0200, Marek Podmaka wrote:
>>  I have mysql4.0 server installed (sarge version) with wait_timeout
>>  and interactive_timeout both set to 28800 seconds and I can still
>>  see "older" connections in SHOW PROCESSLIST:
>>4183489 svbsoftsk host:43790 svbsoftsk Sleep 295239 --- ---
>>4187860 svbsoftsk host:49169 svbsoftsk Sleep 295118 --- ---
>>5178779 svbsoftsk host:55306 svbsoftsk Sleep 190604 --- ---
>>5178789 svbsoftsk host:55316 svbsoftsk Sleep 190604 --- ---
>>5178847 svbsoftsk host:55368 svbsoftsk Sleep 190690 --- ---
>>5178849 svbsoftsk host:55370 svbsoftsk Sleep 190604 --- --- 

  bYE, Marki

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