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Re: CMS for Debian sarge x86

also sprach R. W. Rodolico <stargazer@dailydata.net> [2005.04.23.1815 +0200]:
> Look at Zope/Plone. 

He wants something simple, and even though Plone works out of the
box, customisation requires a lot of time and understanding. But
it's really cool.

Anyway, unfortunately we are probably not going to have a current
version in Debian sarge, because it's just too much work. Thus, you
should either get the packages from the Ubuntu archives, or simply
install zope2.7 and pull all the related stuff, like CMF, and Plone
from CVS and Subversion. These are best installed into your instance
anyway, so there is no need to put them into /usr.

FWIW: the pkg-zope team has set out to fix the current situation. In
Debian etch, you will find better Zope and Plone support than in any
other distro (except for Ubuntu, as we are working with them) :>

also sprach Stephen R Laniel <steve@laniels.org> [2005.04.23.1835 +0200]:
> international audience. It's user-friendly, and is definitely one
> of the cleanest open-source apps I've ever seen.

Ha! As one of the developers (although very new), I would love to
know what you define as "clean". In fact, Zope kinda makes it hard
to write "clean" apps, it's awesome, but it's old. Zope X3 will fix
this. :_)

Nevertheless, I don't mean to discredit. I am using Zope/Plone
myself for a variety of different applications. And I would never
use anything else.

> It's scalable and extensible as far as you could want to scale or
> extend it.

This is true. It's awesome. But it's an art of it's own, and it's

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