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Re: Postfix TLS with STMP Auth

Hi !

If you want to give it a try, you can use my control panel on www.gplhost.com. Current version setup Postfix with SMTP auth if you have installed the correct package before my panel. Here is the package list you need:

postfix + postfix-mysql + libdb2 + postfix-tls + libsasl2 + libasals2-modules + sasl2-bin

The install my panel, and it will configure the daemons for you with mysql back end.

If you want to use it under woody, you must use the packages from backports (because you will need Postfix 2).


Theodore Knab a écrit :

Has anyone setup Postfix with a 'self signed' cert using STMP AUTH.

This this type of solution allows people from off-site to send email though the mail gateway without allowing unauthorized SPAMMERS from relaying stuff.

In conjunction with IMAPS (IMAP over SSL) (port 993), people can securely use email clients off site.
Currenty, I am stuck on the AUTH with LDAP over TLS part.

Anybody have any exmamples, or know of any howto's ?

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