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Monitor agents: zabbix mon and nagios

Which monitoring agent is the simplest to configure and lets you track trends ?

This is going to get subjective unless someone has tried them all.

Currenlty, I use mon. The mon demon works fine, but it seems kind of simple
compared to Nagios. For example, I only have one config file '/etc/mon/mon.cf' with 
mon. It works with '/etc/hosts' and creates logs in '/var/log/mon'.

It works well in infromorming me if there is a problem
However, I do not have an efficient means to track trends.

Is there a tool to track trends and graph trends that are stored in
the mon logs ?

Ted Knab
Chester, Maryland  21619 USA
Proud Graduate of the 'Whack a Toe' Academy of Psydo Sciences.

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