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Re: chroot with virtual IP-Address

Michelle Konzack wrote:

I have already assingned 12 virtual IPs to the eth0 but the thing
with the sshd was new for me.

Because I have no other $USER, there is no big security problem.


nothing special - you just bind all of the instances on the different ip's, and the "trick" is the same as adding a chrooted console to inittab - everything started via ssh to that ip is already chrooted by chrooting the sshd. then you simply setup all of the chrooted stuff. adding a bit of (gr)security just prevents most of the dangerous options within the chroots, if you need it.

BUT: i'm really confused by this discussion - are you talking chrooting (which means for sure the same kernel for all of the jalis) or a virtual machines ?

wwell edi

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