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Re: chroot with virtual IP-Address

> Hello all,
> Curently I have the problem that I have not more palce for Servers/WS
> (10 already) in my Appartement and I need to install virtual Servers.
> So I have reserved a powerful machine and install a little "master"
> system on hda1. Then I have made partitions hda5 to....
> In each partiton I have extracted the backuped tarball of the servers
> and run it in a chroot of hda1
> Now I configured the inittab (hda1) using rungetty to put on tty2 to
> tty12 a chroot for local login...
> All is working fine...
> I know under FreeBSD I can use Jails for it, but how can I get virtual
> IP-Addresses under Linux, because "jail" is not in Dewbian ?
> I have the need, that each chroot/server has his own IP-Address.
> Thanks for your help
> Michelle

$ apt-cache show  kernel-patch-ctx kernel-patch-uml xen qemu


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