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Re: Distributing crypto work away from apache-ssl?

U can describe Ward's idea as having/allowing clusters of clusters.  U can
have an arbitrary number of front ends hooking back to another arbitrary
number of back ends.  U could even have them exchange state information so
it always picks the one with lowest load.  Nifty. ;)

At 01:39 AM 2/22/05 +0100, Marcin Owsiany wrote:
>It's a heavily modified sqwebmail, whose CGI binary needs direct access
>to the filesystem on which user directories (Maildirs are just a part of
>what it uses) lie. Well, actually stock sqwebmail is said to work over
>NFS, but:
> - I want to avoid NFS as long as possible, having heard the horror
>   stories
> - I'm not sure that our modifications are NFS-safe
>Long term (which seems will be quite shortly) I will have to split the
>mail storage to several machines, which is going to be even more tricky

Distributing the mail storage over several machines should be reasonably
safe and easy with Samba or CIFS.  You can construct an arbitrarily largely
distributed filesystem with Samba on one or several servers which will
provide neat share points for the mail servers to mount.  Another option is
to look at AFS which can distribute files and load across servers

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