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Re: Mail : quota or not quota ? and how to ?


Thank you all for your answers.

Some conclusions for me at this point :

- I naively thought that mail quota was a different thing that
  filesystem quota, but no

- quotas are managed by the usual tools edquota, etc. and users
  are warned with a warnquota cron job

- use relatively low soft limit with long grace period

- use very high (or no) hard limit

- you can fiddle with the hard limit via an ad-hoc script in
  cron : no hard limit, but turn on hard limit if free space < 20 %

Robert Brockway a écrit :
A few problems have been seen. I've read ext2/3 developers & power users reporting quota integrity issues on busy filesystems and following crashes.

Hmmm. Thanks for pointing this.
I am planning to use ReiserFS for /home (maildir) as I red that
ReiserFS is better for lots of small file (no inode limit number fixed
as filesystem creation time as in ext3, for example). I will use a
2.4.27 kernel.

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