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RE: Bandwidth Monitoring

On Tue, 2005-02-15 at 17:49 -0600, Jeremy Choy wrote:
> I'm looking for a bandwidth usage tool which can monitor http traffic as
> well as ftp traffic by domain. The way FTP works I would need to have it
> tracked by user if possible.


You'll need to take the bandwidth usage information out of the log files
for your web server and ftp server, if you're trying to break down
utilisation on that level.

Something along the lines of awstats will give you throughput stats from
your apache logs.  I'm guessing there is something similar for your

You should probably still measure aggregate bandwidth utilisation too -
I use mrtg for this (the tools it comes with, cfgmaker, indexmaker are
very easy to use.  It will be a pleasure to set up if you have the
benefit of a managed switch which can spit this data out on a per-port


Andy Davidson
Systems Administrator, Ebuyer (UK) Ltd.

/* Opinions stated are my own */

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