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Re: IP-Tables Question

Op vr, 28-01-2005 te 12:19 +0100, schreef Omar:
> Hello all,
>    My question is how do I restrict access for the IP address 
> since it is a server, and it should not be able to access 
> the internet or be accessible from the internet.  It's a Windows2002 
> server, even-though the gateway address is entered incorrectly it still 
> connects to the internet  But it should be accessible from the internal 
> network. below you will find the iptables -L, route, and the 
> iptables.rules. This company has multiple locations, and each location 
> with it's own IP and so on...
I suppose that one is a typo? Or did you really configure every site on
the same subnet?

> So should not reach the net, and should not be reachable 
> from the net, but it should be reachable from the internal network...


iptables -A FORWARD --source -o eth0 -j REJECT

which is all it takes.

Wouter Verhelst
Louizastraat 14, 2800 Mechelen
T:+32 15 27 69 50 / F:+32 15 27 60 51 / M:+32 486 836 198

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