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Re: exim4 for virtual domains


TR RCPG wrote:

I agree, but the manual is so BIG! Thats the greatest
problem: reading it all and remembering details. Any
shorter doc that you know about it? Browsing I found
the following:
Has anybody used this, how does it rate? It somewhat
seems to fit.

If my memory is good it uses postfix+mysql and courier.
I didn't like it too much, personally. I've looked at what it does with the mysql bases and I found it to be a little of a mess.

If you need something very simple, i'm sorry if i introduce yet another solution :) but there's qmail + vmailmgr. It uses no mysql base, which can be good if you've got a ton of accounts (think of the load on the mysql base if that's the case) and uses databases written on the disk (cdb format). There's a web interface for that, oMail, which is quite simple and is very convenient to use, well, personnally i prefer it to ispworks'.

Try http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/Qmail-VMailMgr-Courier-imap-HOWTO.html

It explains how to get a working qmail (the smtp program) + vmailmgr (to have virtual domains) and courier-imap (an imap delivery system, but you can have pop3 as well of course)

It will have a link to oMail.

it might sound a little complicated to install, but then the omail system is easy to use, if that's what you want. It supports email quotas too. I let people who're not techies at all manage their own domain, so it tells you how easy it is to use it :)
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