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Re: exim4 for virtual domains

Op do, 13-01-2005 te 11:38 -0800, schreef TR RCPG:
> Would someone kindly post the relevant parts of an
> exim4 configuration for a machine that works as isp
> with virtual domains, and different users (with
> possible not empty intersection set of users for
> different domains)? Some directions about combined
> remote mail retrieval + web access will be
> appreciated.

Exim4 is way too flexible to provide a generic answer to this question.
What you should have is a router that looks up whether the local address
exists in some file or database, and a transport that writes out the
file to an mbox or maildir, possibly in a directory based on the domain.
Something like:

  driver = appendfile
  file = /mail/$domain/$local_part

will create an mbox '/mail/grep.be/wouter' for mail sent to

Next up is the router. I'll give an example using an lsearch lookup,
because that is by far the easiest way to do this, but if you're
expecting more than a few tens of users and performance is an issue,
you'll want to replace that by another type of lookup (a cdb or ldbm
file, or perhaps something more sophisticated such as an SQL or LDAP
server). Run 'info exim4' and head for 'File and database lookups' for
more info on those.

  transport = virthost_transport
  condition = ${if match 						\
			{${lookup{$domain}lsearch{/etc/mail/users}}}	\
			{$local_part}					\

whereby /etc/mail/users is a file containing lines like:

grep.be: wouter roel leen
lists.debian.org: debian-user debian-isp

and so on.

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