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Keep auto-periodic fsck's enabled on ext3 partitions?


We have production machines that have ext3 partitions bigger than 100GB. On our last kernel upgrade, we were surprised to see the machines do an fsck on all partitions even though they were unmounted cleanly.

Upon further investigation we found the tune2fs options that force fscks of partitions after a certain number of mounts, or after a certain period of time since the last fsck (6 months in our case). My question is, is it detrimental to disable these auto-checks and not run fsck periodically? The man page for tune2fs says it's not wise...but fscks on 100GB partitions take a loooong time, during which my customers' services are offline. I'm even more concerned for our new machines that have >200GB partitions, where an fsck will take hours to complete.

Anyone have suggestions or experience with this?


Glenn Oppegard
Aktiom Networks LLC
Linux Virtual Private Servers for Professionals

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