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Re: Re: exim or postfix

Op ma, 03-01-2005 te 17:28 -0300, schreef Ing. Jorge Escudero:
> What POP or IMAP or Web mail Server use to exim on Debian?

I'm not entirely sure I understand your question correctly. Do you mean

"What POP or IMAP daemon can I use with exim on Debian?"

or rather,

"Is there a Web mail client I can use with a POP or IMAP server and exim
on Debian?"

If the first is what you're asking: Personally, I prefer IMAP; if you do
as well, then have a look at dovecot or courier-imapd. I'm not too
familiar with POP, so can't help you there.

If the second is what you're asking, then you have quite a number of
options. Most webmail thingies support IMAP and /any/ MTA, including
exim; in fact, I have yet to see the first one that does not. In that
area, my preference goes out to IMP, but of course you must make your
own choices.


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