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Re: gpg to a pipe

On Monday 03 January 2005 12:29, Antonin Karasek wrote:
> Many thanks - it works.
> But there is another problem. I want ftp to read the file from a
> pipe. I get this error:
> local: backup.tar.gpg remote: backup.tar.gpg
> backup.tar.gpg: not a plain file.
> (backup.tar.gpg is a pipe)
> Is it anyhow possible to force ftp to read the file from a pipe?

Seems that netcat would be a better replacement for ftp for your case. 
It can read from pipes like so: your_command_here | nc -n 
(would send the output of your_command_here to host, port 
1000, to a listening netcat there, which would presumably write its 
input to a local disk file)

By the way, please don't top-post, it messes readability and loses 
context for the archives.


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