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authentication with courier-authdaemon 0.37.3 on Woody


I've installed courier-authdaemon, courier-base, courier-pop and courier-imap on my Woody server yesterday, and without really changing the configuration (much), I'm able to access my e-mail from within my LAN, but a user cannot access his account from outside (he uses a dial-up connection to his ISP, he's configured to use POP and gets an error indicating invalid password). One thing I did add to the configuration was the following line to my hosts.allow :

couriertcpd : ALL

Not sure if that's a good idea, or really necessary.? I don't know what else you might need to know... I have Exim 4.32 configured to use Maildir, and as I said, I can get to my mail with both IMAP and POP no problem.

Thanks for all help with this problem!

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