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	I am looking for a web content management system to allow K12
teachers and possibly students to easily maintain personal or project
web space.  There are a lot of products out there but most of them are
not set up to allow access to one area and not the entire site.  This
does not have to scale too big.  A few thousand user sites max.  (  We
have no idea what the user load will be since we only have 400 to 500
users now and most don't keep their sites up to date. )


1. Access control that would allow someone access to areas that they
have been allowed to work and no other area.

2. Web browser accessible.  GUI editor.

3. EASY to use for non technical folks!

4. Little modification needed.

	We installed quite a few products.  Some were quite easy to use
but there was little access granularity.  Others like typo3 were quite
granular but the end users would go into vapor lock if they ever saw the

	The closest thing we have hit, our of the box, is Plone.
Setting it up for personal web space is trivial.  The Epos editor is
fairly simple to use.  The one big advantage with Plone for students
would be the ability to configure a teacher as to verify content before
it is posted to the Internet.  It would almost be a go right out of the
box.  Minor mods so that folks can't set up their own web space without
authorization, our logo etc.  The biggest problem that I have with Plone
is that we have no experience with Zope based applications.
Documentation for Plone is quite lacking.  Backup and disaster recovery
are complete unknowns to us on this type of system.

	Any help with suggested/known products or RTFM pointers would be
greatly appreciated.


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