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exim4 and maildrop


i've exim4 and courier maildrop delivering mail to users, with LDAP
lookups for various data.

this works fine, and has been for a few months. however, any .mailfilter
files don't seem to be getting read, despite the presence of said file.
when i add an option to the router to set the home dir of the transport
(transport_home_directory) to the relevant user mail $HOME (*NOT* in ~/
but defined in LDAP (with a lookup to fetch the value)), i get:

2004-11-15 21:41:28 XXXXXXX <XXXX@XXXXX>: local_delivery_courier transport output: /usr/bin/maildrop: Invalid home directory permissions - world writable.

but they aren't world writable. which confuses the hell out of me. i
just double checked, and they're all set 700, except for the dir in
which they are, which is set 755.

so really, this is 2 problems in one: one is the .mailfilter file isn't
read, and that log snippet which no sense.

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