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Re: Value of backup MX

> i usually have my backup MX accept everything and then don't treat
> them specially on the primary. thus, policy is still enforced on the
> primary, but there is a proper backup path *under my control* should
> the primary be unreachable for whatever reason.

With this approach you can't bounce RBLed messages at SMTP connect time
though, right?  (I realize that RBLs are semi-controversial, especially at
the ISP level.)

We recently dropped our secondary MX as it was just being abused to get
spam past the RBLs on our primary.  (I.e. _no_ valid mails were being
delivered through the secondary MX.)  The secondary MX was not under my
direct control which complicated matters a little as then I could not even
attempt to make the policy the same on the secondary as it was in the

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