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Re: nscd: Was Re: long delays with LDAP nss/pam

On Fri, Oct 29, 2004 at 11:18:45PM +1000, Russell Coker wrote:
> If there was a choice between running only nscd or only named then nscd might 
> be a reasonable option.  But given that every serious network will need a 
> caching DNS proxy (for which task it's unfortunate that there is nothing 
> better than BIND) it doesn't seem to be a problem to me that you run it on 
> several machines instead of just one.

At home I serve multiple workstations via a cable-modem using dnsmasq.
>From the debian/control:
 Dnsmasq is lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder and DHCP
 server. It is designed to provide DNS and, optionally, DHCP, to a
 small network. It can serve the names of local machines which are
 not in the global DNS. The DHCP server integrates with the DNS
 server and allows machines with DHCP-allocated addresses
 to appear in the DNS with names configured either in each host or
 in a central configuration file. Dnsmasq supports static and dynamic
 DHCP leases and BOOTP for network booting of diskless machines.

I can fully support this. The config file is well commented and
configuring hosts for static IPs via DHCP is as easy as adding the IP
and hostname to /etc/hosts and adding the host to the ACL in dnsmasq's

david@chello:~$ ps auxf | head -1 ; ps auxf | tail -1
nobody     694  0.0  0.6  1776  776 ?        S    12:30   0:00 /usr/sbin/dnsmasq

Regards, David

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