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Re: Debian + ISP + Apache

On Mon, 2004-08-30 at 10:12, Paul Johnson wrote:
> >      - What should I manage using packages and what should I manage
> >      using source code?
> If it has a package, use the packages unless you absolutely must
> compile something from source that conflicts with how Debian compiled
> it, then make your own Debian package so dpkg stays aware of what's
> going on.

If you are going to do something strange like track upstream CVS or use
something that doesn't have a deb, don't bother building a deb, instead
install it in /usr/local (make install --prefix=/var/local). Put config
files in /etc, and if necissary, use /var/local/<app> to store data,
though /home/<app> is acceptable. Other directories are owned by dpkg,
so don't stuff with them.

IMHO if there isn't a deb, it probably isn't worth using, unless you
wrote it yourself :-). The debian archive is a good indicator of what
people are using and is supported. The biggest problem is it includes
too much, so the fact that there isn't a deb tells you more than the
fact that there is.

Donovan Baarda <abo@minkirri.apana.org.au>

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