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What MLM to choose for Domain Technologie Control with Qmail AND Postfix?

Hi !

In february of this year, I've asked here what kind of mailling list manager I
should use for Qmail. This was to use it inside my software that controls many
programs for hosting already. Since then, DTC has evolved a lot (now it supports
Postfix, Courier and Dovecot, as it was supporting only qmail), and I had some
experiences (issues ?) with some mailling lists manager already, I'd like to ask
here once again what type of MLM I should do the work for.

Here is what I found with corresponding lacks:
- majordomo: too old, not supported anymore.
- ecartis: it doesn't seems to handle virtual hosting nicely, as it requests
some aliasing for many mail users (mylist-request, mylist-test, etc...) wich I
can't set globaly. Moreover someone told here he had troubles with mime-types
and pgp singing of messages.
- ezmlm: I'm not sure this one will work with postfix as well.
- mailman: This one is just horrible to setup for virtual hosting. It even
patchs it seems...

Maybe sympa would do, but I'm not sure as well. What's good for this one is that
it's done by some froggys like me so I can find documentations in french!

You'd have to understand that gathering thoses informations about MLM takes a
lot of my time that I could use for actualy DOING the job for supporting it. So
all helps and advices are welcome.

For those who don't know Domain Technologie Contorl, it's the leading Control
Panel for hosting in GPL Licence:

A GPL web control panel for admin and accounting hosting services

Domain Technologie Control (DTC) is a GPL control panel for hosting. Using a web
GUI for admin and accounting all hosting services, DTC can delegate the task of
creating subdomains, email, and FTP accounts to users for the domain names they
own. DTC manages a MySQL database containing all the hosting informations. It
has support for many programs (bind 8 and 9 and compatibles, MySQL, Apache 1.3,
php4, qmail, postfix 2, courier, dovecot, proftpd, webalizer, mod-log-sql,
etc...) thrue config files and/or MySQL plugin (when service is non-critical).
It can also generates backup scripts, calculation scripts, and config files
using a single system UID/GID, and monitor all trafic accounting per user and
per service. Since version 0.12, DTC is fully skinable and translated in 7
language (Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Deuch, German and Russian).

DTC has been tested and works well with FreeBSD, Debian stable testing and
unstable and now handles SBOX cgi-wrapper to provide chroot environment to users
binaries. There is a RPM for DTC that has been done under RedHat 7, but it's not
well tested (I need feedback on this one as I don't use RPM based distributions

See http://www.gplhost.com/?rub=softwares&sousrub=dtc for details of the
projects. Contributors may send mail to me, I always welcome and help new


    Thomas GOIRAND

P.S: No need to start again a troll here about what is best between Qmail and
Postfix... It seems both are good by the way, and that they have a very diferent
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