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Re: LDAP & postfix

On Thu, 12 Aug 2004 18:13:21 +0200, Tinus Nijmeijers writes:
>> I've extended an ldap-scheme I found somewhere[0] a bit, because I 
>>  needed other, and more, stuff (like vacation info, but I'll not 
>> cheers,

>how DO you handle vacation with virtual users?
>I'm setting up virtuals users as wel (postfix, courier, postgresql) and
>I was wondering about ooo-replies.

It's a bit of a hack.

Basically, I store some vacation-attributes in LDAP, and use always_bcc 
 in postfix to pipe every mail to gnarwl, which in turn looks up the 
 vacation-info for the recipient in LDAP, and acts accordingly.

gnarwl only works with LDAP-lookups, so might not be what you want 
 since you use postgres to store user info.

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