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[Swiftdsl Network Support #138772]: Mail Delivery (failure adslsupport@swiftel.com.au)

This is an automatic message to let you know your request of support has been received by our helpdesk and you have been assigned a ticket ID - 138772.

Once you have received this confirmation email, you do not need to call again, our clock is ticking and we will respond as soon as possible.  The helpdesk target response time is within four (4) business hours.

The above ticket number should be referenced in any written, virtual or verbal communications with Swiftel support relating to the case you have submitted.

Please see the text at the end of this message for additional help and tips.

Swiftel Support Team

+ Swiftel ADSL technical support is Forum based. +
+ Many of the questions you may have, have also  +
+ been asked by many other people.  Please visit +
+                                                +
+ http://forum.swiftdsl.com.au                   +
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+ and join the forum - you can post any question +
+ you have there. It's friendly, quick and       +
+ helpful, and an answer to what you what to     +
+ know is most likely already there.             +

Useful Tips:

Under normal circumstances your ADSL connection is 'always on' and the line only drops if you turn off the modem. 

If your line drops out more than very infrequently the most common cause is some fault with the Telstra line or at the exchange to which your line is connected. 

However it might also be the case that the settings on your modem are incorrect; even if they are the default settings shipped from the factory. 

Before reporting your line drop outs as a line/ADSL service problem please take the time to look at the settings that can be changed in your ADSL modem that may make the connection more stable. These are: 

1) Set your modem to PPPoA/LLC (rather than PPPoE). 
2) Set your modem ADSL modulation to G.dmt (not 'Auto' and not G.dmt/lite). 
3) Make sure you have the latest firmware; for instance both Netcomm and D-Link have both released firmware updates that help with line drop out problems. 

If you have ensured that these settings are correct and that you have the latest firmware then please email us with the line drops you have experienced and we will get the line checked for you.

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