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Woody+Testing Apache Segmentation Fault


I have a problem with my webserver. It was originally setup with  
Potato (or earlier version) of Debian a few years back.

Currently it has been fully upgraded to Woody, plus selected 
packages have been upgraded to "Testing". These include 
php(4.3.4-4) and all its dependencies including apache(1.3.31-2). 
and libapache-mod-perl( These are the latest "testing" 
release versions.

Recently I did an "apt-get upgrade" and it downloaded and installed 
the above version of apache. Afterwards it would not start, it 
failed without showing an error on either the screen or the log 
files. Running "apache -F" I got a segmentation fault.

After a bit of playing, I discovered if I comment out either the 
php4 or mod-perl in the new modules.conf (imported from httpd.conf) 
the server starts normally. With both modules loaded the server get 
a segmentation fault.

I am wondering if there is a version conflict between the modules, 
or if there is a restriction on permissions or resources, inherited 
from the earlier version, which prevents the apache server from 

Has anybody seen this before?



Ian Forbes ZSD
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