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Re: Debian, Php-4.3.4 and Oracle-Connector

Volker Lieder wrote:
Hello List, hope there is somebody who can help me ;-) I have a
Debain-Server installed wit the oracle-client 9i and php4.3.4 Everthing works for its own, but now i have to add the php-option --with-oracle in the php-config. I have build php from the
debian-packages and if i want to compile it myself i got a lot of
errors that some packages must be reinstalled, but i don't know why. Perhaps anybody has solved this problem or has a package that i can
add so that the oracle-support for php will work.

If you post the errors you get here we might be able to explain them. Try --with-oci8 in the first place. On Oracle 8 I needed a list of header files that I could only get from a full Oracle install: nzerror.h nzt.h oci.h oci1.h oci8dp.h ociap.h ociapr.h ocidfn.h ociextp.h oratypes.h ori.h orl.h oro.h ort.h tnsapi.h

But it seems this is not necessary anymore on 9i or you can install them with the client. I saw something as easy like:
cd php-4.x
cd ext/oci8
./configure --enable-sigchild
make install

Add the Oracle lib path to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.


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