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Re: Cloning disks with dd and netcat


> >Well, doing the partitioning manually, you could RSYNC
> >the server instead of DD+NETCATing, which probably is faster and
> >fails more gracefully.
> But would mean mucking around with the bootloader, which usually is
> the  point for doing _complete_ disc-images.

True - but DDing a 200GB system disc disc takes quite some time, while
manually handling partition+mkfs+lilo plus RSYNCing 1.2GB usually is
LOTS faster...

Upgrading to servers with newer/bigger discs is also less painful than
with imaging.

But for mostly uniform hardware or testlabs (with frequent system
bashing) it's the leisure-factor that is heavily in favour of DD images,
I confess...   ;-)


Volker Tanger
ITK Security

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