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Re: backup DNS question

Hi Dan,

until your ns1 goes down too, things should go fine. If you think, you
need to worry, watch the load on ns1. If that goes alarmingly up, then
things start going wrong (which is *very* unlikely to happen). If
however you desire to make sure your DNS is safe and accessible even in
case ns2 is not restored soon, setup a ns3 and have it listed in whois
and your zonefile.

Best regards,

Am Di, den 27.07.2004 schrieb Dan MacNeil um 0:00:
> We have:
> 	ns1.lctc.org
> 	ns2.lctc.org
> ns2.lctc.org is (aparently) down. It is in a locked and alarmed building.
> 	How is this effecting users of our DNS?
> 	Where in the fine manual is this information?
> We've looked at the backup DNS chapter of the bind book. We've also a
> bunch of times done a:
> 	 dig @host_that_didnt_cached_us domainwehost.org
> Things look ok, mail is flowing websites are accessed, nobody has
> complained. Still we feel uneasy...

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