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Re: What is GreyListing (was: Re: Christian Hammers...)

On Tuesday 20 July 2004 15.23, Russell Coker wrote:

> Hmm, the postgrey package is not available for woody (no great
> surprise I guess), I'll have to back-port it.

I guess you saw my other message by now - written in the apparently 
mistaken assumption that you probably knew what greylisting is.

woody: look at #258793 - imho the problem is libdb (4.1 is required 
according to upstream), I'm not sure if libberkeleydb-perl is really a 
problem (but I didn't try building the woody version of it with a newer 
database lib) . Would be happy about a success report (just close that 

Also, it requires postfix' policy server which is only available in 
postfix 2.1.

Otherwise, there should be no problem with postgrey in woody. (General 
comments about the package welcome, I just started NM with this)

-- vbi

A user will find any interface design intuitive...with enough practice.

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