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On Tuesday 20 July 2004 14.06, Russell Coker wrote:
> [...] Greylisted for 300 seconds... [...]
> [..] mail server is broken.

Russel, if there are arguments against greylisting, I'd like to hear 
about them - so far, I've mostly seen success reports. (I like 
greylisting because while the idea is similar to TMDA or such things, 
it usually Just Works(tm) and users won't even notice it in most 

I won't say there are no problems, but so far these have been quite 
 - there are some broken mailservers treating a 4xx error like a 5xx 
(this unfortunately includes some big corporate servers)
 - server pools which don't send out the second try from the same IP.

In postgrey[0], the first is being addressed by a growing whitelist 
which is collected by upstream. The second is mostly dealt with by 
greylisting by /24 networks instead of by single hosts.

-- vbi

(Oh, yes: no cc:s necessary. Thanks.)

[0] I maintain the postgrey Debian package, as you may have guessed from 
the style of this email :-)


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