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Re: max requests a celeron web server can handle


Depends on the files being served, are they always the same (one website) or like 200 different websites? I guess with just static files (no db &stuff) the IDE disk will be your bottleneck, unless the files are mostly cached (you do have 1G RAM). I would run an apache benchmark (ab) from multiple pc's and see for yourself how much it can handle (however, as i said before, if you have a large number of websites that aren't cached, that benchmark wouldn't be a really good test since you only test one file)


Shannon R. wrote:

Hello List!

I've been googling around for recorded info on how many static files per second a 1.3GHz Pentium Celeron (1Gb RAM, 7200 RPM IDE hardisk), Apache web server can serve before it starts getting slow. The static files we're talking about here are just small files ranging from a few kilobytes to maybe 300kb. Didn't have much luck with my googling and just got pointed mostly to biased looking Zeus articles.

Anyone here can share their experience? How many files and up to how many users can a web server of such specs serve before its performance starts dropping?

Rough ideas or ballparks will be fine.


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